Saturday, March 5, 2016


"I was sayin let me out of here before I was Even born--it's such a gamble when you get a face It's fascinatin to observe what the mirror does But when I dine it's for the wall that I set a place"
Richard Hell, "Blank Generation"

Monday, February 15, 2016


Delegating the pencil
to the crapper, the tweets
and hawks took over obliterating
justice in favor of the correct
There were no proofreaders and
spellcheckers and the pawns
thought they could hump kings
and that’s ridiculous and they
ran stop signs and that was fun
and they popped locks and
snapped shots and posed much
but it made them obvious
and they ended in the cages and
were convinced that they were
in the cages and they didn’t get
out they didn’t
get out and they didn’t get off
But they could have
If the concentration had been more like
The truth
My memory of you looking out the window at the beauty
And walking off into the sunset
We got somewhere like the truth
And there was hot chicken
For dinner
And sleep
And rest
The truth that only took

Saturday, December 12, 2015


This is what the Missouri Botanical Garden looks like after dark these days.
It costs $15 to get in and experience "THE GLOW" and I haven't made time, but it is free to stay out and snap pictures through the fence...and I am half-a-block away.
So, is this the bum's view or an advantage of being a neighbor?

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A couple weeks ago, I was riding my bike on a dark and busy Tower Grove Avenue during early evening rush hour traffic.
I noticed the blue tree out of the corner of my eye to my right, but just then, there was a commotion to my left. Someone had hit a cat and it was scrambling frantically to get to its feet and get out of the street, but its spine was corkscrewing the paws weren't gaining ground. I jumped the curb and stopped on the sidewalk to watch.
Cars were slamming on their brakes.
The first, to avoid the cat, and a few after that, to avoid that stopped car. Then, a school bus came roaring up behind them and nearly rear-ended the stopped line of cars. The bus quickly swerved into the bike lane, where luckily, no bikes were traveling and no cars were parked.
I went back later to take a picture of this blue tree, but they had shut down the lights for the night. I looked across the street and the cat was there.
Lights out.
Against the curb.

The next morning when I biked past, the cat was gone.
This Wednesday afternoon, I dropped what I was doing to go pick something up at the library.
I got my bike out of my apartment and noticed that the sky was in that "magic hour". I forgot to bring a camera, but rode through Tower Grove Park slowly to take it all in. The oddly warm, December air. The light through the bare branches.
I have seen this before.
One afternoon, I was dismounting at the library and took these through a butterfly sculpture near Southwest and Kingshighway.

By the time, I left the library, the "magic hour" was gone.
I rode through some alleys and cut East on Shaw and then South on Tower Grove where the traffic was urgent. The stops and starts of the end of this fucking humpday workday were annoying to the commuters. Again, to my right, the lights were glimmering as I passed slowly; as they appeared through the grates and between sections of stone wall. Eerily, bell music and some other kind of music sounded, but was barely perceptible over the rush of the hour past my left shoulder.
I dumped off my books and a DVD, swapped shirts and rode out for a few pints.
Later, I returned to the blue tree with a pleasant buzz, a camera and a friend. It was a December, 2015 version of the knothole gang.
What is the moral of this story?
One man's magic hour is another man's rush hour, or something.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015



A Bolstered Word Runt
A Blenders Tudor Wort
A Blundered Sort Wort
A Bundled Terrors Two
A Bundled Terrors Wot
A Bundled Terrors Tow
A Bundled Terror Twos
A Bundled Terror Stow
A Bundled Terror Tows
A Bundled Resort Wort
A Bundled Rower Trots
A Bonded Rustler Wort
A Blender Sword Trout
A Blender Sword Tutor
A Blender Words Trout
A Blender Words Tutor
A Blender Tudor Trows
A Blender Tudor Worst
A Blender Tudor Worts
A Blender Word Tutors
A Blender Word Trouts
A Blunderers Word Tot
A Blunderers Word Tot
A Blenders Tudor Wort
A Blenders Word Trout
A Blenders Word Tutor
A Bolstered Drown Rut
A Bolstered Word Turn
A Bolstered Word Runt
A Bolstered Turd Worn
A Blustered Drown Rot
A Blustered Word Torn
A Trebled Rondo Wurst
A Trebled Donor Wurst
A Trebled Rounds Wort
A Trebled Rounds Trow
A Trebled Drowns Rout
A Trebled Drowns Tour
A Trebled Rotund Rows
A Trebled Untrod Rows
A Trebled Round Trows
A Trebled Round Worst
A Trebled Round Worts
A Trebled Drown Routs
A Trebled Drown Roust
A Trebled Drown Tours
A Trebled Tudor Sworn
A Bender Worlds Trout
A Bender Worlds Tutor
A Bender World Tutors
A Bender World Trouts
A Benders World Trout
A Benders World Tutor
A Bestrode World Turn
A Bestrode World Runt
A Buttered Lord Sworn
A Buttered Lords Worn
A Buttered Worlds Nor
A Buttered Sword Lorn
A Buttered Words Lorn
A Rebutted Lord Sworn
A Rebutted Lords Worn
A Rebutted Worlds Nor
A Rebutted Sword Lorn
A Rebutted Words Lorn
A Bled Tortured Sworn
A Bled Drowns Torture
A Bled Drown Tortures
A Bled Downs Torturer
A Bled Down Torturers
A Blend Rewords Trout
A Blend Rewords Tutor
A Blend Tortured Rows
A Blend Reword Tutors
A Blend Reword Trouts
A Blend Rutted Sorrow
A Blend Sword Torture
A Blend Words Torture
A Blend Word Tortures
A Blonde Retrod Wurst
A Blonde Reword Trust
A Blonde Reword Strut
A Blonde Sword Turret
A Blonde Words Turret
A Blonde Word Turrets
A Blonder Rewords Tut
A Blonder Reword Tuts
A Blonder Worsted Rut
A Blonder Doter Wurst
A Blonder Trowed Rust
A Blonder Trowed Ruts
A Blonder Dower Trust
A Blonder Dower Strut
A Blonder Rowed Trust
A Blonder Rowed Strut
A Blonder Trusted Row
A Blonder Duster Wort
A Blonder Duster Trow
A Blonder Rudest Wort
A Blonder Rudest Trow
A Blonder Rusted Wort
A Blonder Rusted Trow
A Blonder Rutted Rows
A Blonder Trued Trows
A Blonder Trued Worst
A Blonder Trued Worts
A Blonder Drew Tutors
A Blonder Drew Trouts
A Blonder Sword Utter
A Blonder Words Utter
A Blonder Tudor Wrest
A Blonder Tudor Strew
A Blonder Word Truest
A Blonder Word Utters
A Blonder Turds Wrote
A Blonder Turds Tower
A Blonder Durst Wrote
A Blonder Durst Tower
A Blonder Turd Towers
A Blondes Word Turret
A Blondest Reword Rut
A Blondest Ruder Wort
A Blondest Ruder Trow
A Blondest Word Truer
A Blondest Turd Rower
A Blunders Retrod Two
A Blunders Retrod Wot
A Blunders Retrod Tow
A Blunders Reword Tot
A Blunders Doter Wort
A Blunders Doter Trow
A Blunders Rotted Row
A Blunders Trowed Rot
A Blunders Trowed Tor
A Blunders Trowed Ort
A Blunders Dower Trot
A Blunders Dower Tort
A Blunders Rowed Trot
A Blunders Rowed Tort
A Blunders Trod Wrote
A Blunders Trod Tower
A Blunders Word Torte
A Blunders Word Otter
A Blunder Rewords Tot
A Blunder Retrod Twos
A Blunder Retrod Stow
A Blunder Retrod Tows
A Blunder Retrod Wost
A Blunder Reword Tost
A Blunder Reword Tots
A Blunder Doters Wort
A Blunder Doters Trow
A Blunder Sorted Wort
A Blunder Sorted Trow
A Blunder Stored Wort
A Blunder Stored Trow
A Blunder Strode Wort
A Blunder Strode Trow
A Blunder Worsted Rot
A Blunder Worsted Tor
A Blunder Worsted Ort
A Blunder Dowers Trot
A Blunder Dowers Tort
A Blunder Drowse Trot
A Blunder Drowse Tort
A Blunder Dowser Trot
A Blunder Dowser Tort
A Blunder Doter Trows
A Blunder Doter Worst
A Blunder Doter Worts
A Blunder Rotted Rows
A Blunder Trowed Tors
A Blunder Trowed Rots
A Blunder Trowed Sort
A Blunder Dower Trots
A Blunder Dower Torts
A Blunder Rowed Trots
A Blunder Rowed Torts
A Blunder Sword Torte
A Blunder Sword Otter
A Blunder Words Torte
A Blunder Words Otter
A Blunder Trod Towers
A Blunder Word Tortes
A Blunder Word Otters
A Blends Tortured Row
A Blends Reword Trout
A Blends Reword Tutor
A Blends Word Torture
A Bundles Retrod Wort
A Bundles Retrod Trow
A Bundles Reword Trot
A Bundles Reword Tort
A Bundles Word Retort
A Blunted Order Trows
A Blunted Order Worst
A Blunted Order Worts
A Blunted Orders Wort
A Blunted Orders Trow
A Blunted Rewords Rot
A Blunted Rewords Tor
A Blunted Rewords Ort
A Blunted Retrod Rows
A Blunted Reword Tors
A Blunted Reword Rots
A Blunted Reword Sort
A Blunted Drew Rotors
A Blunted Sword Retro
A Blunted Words Retro
A Blunted Trod Rowers
A Blunted Word Sorter
A Blunted Word Retros
A Blunted Word Resort
A Blunted Word Roster
A Bundle Rewords Trot
A Bundle Rewords Tort
A Bundle Retrod Trows
A Bundle Retrod Worst
A Bundle Retrod Worts
A Bundle Reword Trots
A Bundle Reword Torts
A Bundle Sword Retort
A Bundle Words Retort
A Bundle Word Retorts
A Lobed Drowns Turret
A Lobed Drown Turrets
A Bolder Rodent Wurst
A Bolder Wonder Trust
A Bolder Wonder Strut
A Bolder Downer Trust
A Bolder Downer Strut
A Bolder Turned Trows
A Bolder Turned Worst
A Bolder Turned Worts
A Bolder Reword Stunt
A Bolder Worsted Turn
A Bolder Worsted Runt
A Bolder Trowed Turns
A Bolder Trowed Runts
A Bolder Trusted Worn
A Bolder Rutted Sworn
A Bolder Drowns Utter
A Bolder Rotund Wrest
A Bolder Rotund Strew
A Bolder Untrod Wrest
A Bolder Untrod Strew
A Bolder Drown Truest
A Bolder Drown Utters
A Bolder Downs Turret
A Bolder Down Turrets
A Bolder Tudor Strewn
A Bolder Word Entrust
A Boulders Trend Wort
A Boulders Trend Trow
A Bowlders Rodent Rut
A Bowlders Rend Trout
A Bowlders Rend Tutor
A Bowlders Nerd Trout
A Bowlders Nerd Tutor
A Bowlders Trend Rout
A Bowlders Trend Tour
A Bowlders Turned Rot
A Bowlders Turned Tor
A Bowlders Turned Ort
A Bowlders Under Trot
A Bowlders Under Tort
A Bowlders Nuder Trot
A Bowlders Nuder Tort
A Bowlders Retrod Tun
A Bowlders Retrod Nut
A Bowlders Doter Turn
A Bowlders Doter Runt
A Bowlders Rotted Run
A Bowlders Rotted Urn
A Bowlders Rutted Nor
A Bowlders Trued Torn
A Bowlders Don Turret
A Bowlders Nod Turret
A Bowlders Dun Retort
A Bowlders Trod Tuner
A Bowlders Tudor Tern
A Bowlders Tudor Rent
A Bowlders Dot Turner
A Bowlders Dot Return
A Bowlders Turd Toner
A Bowlders Turd Tenor
A Troubled Rend Trows
A Troubled Rend Worst
A Troubled Rend Worts
A Troubled Nerd Trows
A Troubled Nerd Worst
A Troubled Nerd Worts
A Troubled Rends Wort
A Troubled Rends Trow
A Troubled Nerds Wort
A Troubled Nerds Trow
A Troubled Trends Row
A Troubled Trend Rows
A Troubled Drest Worn
A Troubled Drew Snort
A Troubled Drown Rest
A Troubled Drown Erst
A Troubled Rod Strewn
A Troubled Sword Tern
A Troubled Sword Rent
A Troubled Words Tern
A Troubled Words Rent
A Troubled Trod Wrens
A Troubled Word Stern
A Troubled Word Terns
A Troubled Word Rents
A Boulder Trends Wort
A Boulder Trends Trow
A Boulder Trend Trows
A Boulder Trend Worst
A Boulder Trend Worts
A Boulder Trod Strewn
A Bowlder Drone Trust
A Bowlder Drone Strut
A Bowlder Rodents Rut
A Bowlder Snorted Rut
A Bowlder Rodent Rust
A Bowlder Rodent Ruts
A Bowlder Rend Tutors
A Bowlder Rend Trouts
A Bowlder Nerd Tutors
A Bowlder Nerd Trouts
A Bowlder Rends Trout
A Bowlder Rends Tutor
A Bowlder Nerds Trout
A Bowlder Nerds Tutor
A Bowlder Trends Rout
A Bowlder Trends Tour
A Bowlder Nursed Trot
A Bowlder Nursed Tort
A Bowlder Sunder Trot
A Bowlder Sunder Tort
A Bowlder Trend Routs
A Bowlder Trend Roust
A Bowlder Trend Tours
A Bowlder Turned Tors
A Bowlder Turned Rots
A Bowlder Turned Sort
A Bowlder Under Trots
A Bowlder Under Torts
A Bowlder Nuder Trots
A Bowlder Nuder Torts
A Bowlder Order Stunt
A Bowlder Retrod Nuts
A Bowlder Retrod Tuns
A Bowlder Retrod Stun
A Bowlder Doters Turn
A Bowlder Doters Runt
A Bowlder Sorted Turn
A Bowlder Sorted Runt
A Bowlder Stored Turn
A Bowlder Stored Runt
A Bowlder Strode Turn
A Bowlder Strode Runt
A Bowlder Doter Turns
A Bowlder Doter Runts
A Bowlder Rotted Urns
A Bowlder Rotted Runs
A Bowlder Trusted Nor
A Bowlder Duster Torn
A Bowlder Rudest Torn
A Bowlder Rusted Torn
A Bowlder Trued Snort
A Bowlder Don Turrets
A Bowlder Nod Turrets
A Bowlder Rotund Rest
A Bowlder Rotund Erst
A Bowlder Untrod Rest
A Bowlder Untrod Erst
A Bowlder Dons Turret
A Bowlder Nods Turret
A Bowlder Duns Retort
A Bowlder Dun Retorts
A Bowlder Rod Entrust
A Bowlder Trod Tuners
A Bowlder Trod Unrest
A Bowlder Tudor Stern
A Bowlder Tudor Terns
A Bowlder Tudor Rents
A Bowlder Dots Turner
A Bowlder Dots Return
A Bowlder Dost Turner
A Bowlder Dost Return
A Bowlder Dot Turners
A Bowlder Dot Returns
A Bowlder Turds Toner
A Bowlder Turds Tenor
A Bowlder Durst Toner
A Bowlder Durst Tenor
A Bowlder Turd Tenors
A Bowlder Turd Stoner
A Bowlder Turd Toners
A Boldest Reword Turn
A Boldest Reword Runt
A Boldest Drown Truer
A Boldest Word Turner
A Boldest Word Return
A Bolted Rewords Turn
A Bolted Rewords Runt
A Bolted Reword Turns
A Bolted Reword Runts
A Bolted Drowns Truer
A Bolted Sword Turner
A Bolted Sword Return
A Bolted Words Turner
A Bolted Words Return
A Bolted Word Turners
A Bolted Word Returns
A Bottled Rewords Run
A Bottled Rewords Urn
A Bottled Reword Urns
A Bottled Reword Runs
A Bottled Ruder Sworn
A Bottled Drown Surer
A Bottled Sword Rerun
A Bottled Words Rerun
A Bottled Word Nurser
A Bottled Word Reruns
A Blotted Rewords Run
A Blotted Rewords Urn
A Blotted Reword Urns
A Blotted Reword Runs
A Blotted Ruder Sworn
A Blotted Drown Surer
A Blotted Sword Rerun
A Blotted Words Rerun
A Blotted Word Nurser
A Blotted Word Reruns
A Bowled Retrod Turns
A Bowled Retrod Runts
A Bowled Trod Turners
A Bowled Trod Returns
A Bowled Turd Snorter
A Blurred Rodents Two
A Blurred Rodents Wot
A Blurred Rodents Tow
A Blurred Snorted Two
A Blurred Snorted Wot
A Blurred Snorted Tow
A Blurred Downers Tot
A Blurred Wonders Tot
A Blurred Rodent Twos
A Blurred Rodent Stow
A Blurred Rodent Tows
A Blurred Rodent Wost
A Blurred Wonder Tost
A Blurred Wonder Tots
A Blurred Downer Tost
A Blurred Downer Tots
A Blurred Stoned Wort
A Blurred Stoned Trow
A Blurred Endows Trot
A Blurred Endows Tort
A Blurred Snowed Trot
A Blurred Snowed Tort
A Blurred Noted Trows
A Blurred Noted Worst
A Blurred Noted Worts
A Blurred Toned Trows
A Blurred Toned Worst
A Blurred Toned Worts
A Blurred Wonted Tors
A Blurred Wonted Rots
A Blurred Wonted Sort
A Blurred Endow Trots
A Blurred Endow Torts
A Blurred Owned Trots
A Blurred Owned Torts
A Blurred Doters Town
A Blurred Doters Wont
A Blurred Sorted Town
A Blurred Sorted Wont
A Blurred Stored Town
A Blurred Stored Wont
A Blurred Strode Town
A Blurred Strode Wont
A Blurred Worsted Not
A Blurred Worsted Ton
A Blurred Doter Wonts
A Blurred Doter Towns
A Blurred Rotted Snow
A Blurred Rotted Sown
A Blurred Rotted Nows
A Blurred Rotted Owns
A Blurred Trowed Tons
A Blurred Trowed Snot
A Blurred Stowed Torn
A Blurred Toted Sworn
A Blurred Towed Snort
A Blurred Drowns Tote
A Blurred Drown Totes
A Blurred Downs Torte
A Blurred Downs Otter
A Blurred Down Tortes
A Blurred Down Otters
A Blurted Drone Trows
A Blurted Drone Worst
A Blurted Drone Worts
A Blurted Snored Wort
A Blurted Snored Trow
A Blurted Drones Wort
A Blurted Drones Trow
A Blurted Rodents Row
A Blurted Snorted Row
A Blurted Downers Rot
A Blurted Downers Tor
A Blurted Downers Ort
A Blurted Wonders Rot
A Blurted Wonders Tor
A Blurted Wonders Ort
A Blurted Rodent Rows
A Blurted Wonder Tors
A Blurted Wonder Rots
A Blurted Wonder Sort
A Blurted Downer Tors
A Blurted Downer Rots
A Blurted Downer Sort
A Blurted Wends Rotor
A Blurted Dent Sorrow
A Blurted Tend Sorrow
A Blurted Wend Rotors
A Blurted Order Wonts
A Blurted Order Towns
A Blurted Orders Town
A Blurted Orders Wont
A Blurted Rewords Not
A Blurted Rewords Ton
A Blurted Retrod Snow
A Blurted Retrod Sown
A Blurted Retrod Nows
A Blurted Retrod Owns
A Blurted Reword Tons
A Blurted Reword Snot
A Blurted Doters Worn
A Blurted Sorted Worn
A Blurted Stored Worn
A Blurted Strode Worn
A Blurted Worsted Nor
A Blurted Dowers Torn
A Blurted Drowse Torn
A Blurted Dowser Torn
A Blurted Doter Sworn
A Blurted Dower Snort
A Blurted Rowed Snort
A Blurted Rondo Wrest
A Blurted Rondo Strew
A Blurted Donor Wrest
A Blurted Donor Strew
A Blurted Drowns Rote
A Blurted Drowns Tore
A Blurted Drown Store
A Blurted Drown Rotes
A Blurted Downs Retro
A Blurted Down Sorter
A Blurted Down Retros
A Blurted Down Resort
A Blurted Down Roster
A Blurted Rood Strewn
A Blurted Door Strewn
A Blurted Odor Strewn
A Blurted Sword Toner
A Blurted Sword Tenor
A Blurted Words Toner
A Blurted Words Tenor
A Blurted Trod Resown
A Blurted Trod Owners
A Blurted Trod Worsen
A Blurted Word Tenors
A Blurted Word Stoner
A Blurted Word Toners
A Burled Rodents Wort
A Burled Rodents Trow
A Burled Snorted Wort
A Burled Snorted Trow
A Burled Downers Trot
A Burled Downers Tort
A Burled Wonders Trot
A Burled Wonders Tort
A Burled Rodent Trows
A Burled Rodent Worst
A Burled Rodent Worts
A Burled Wonder Trots
A Burled Wonder Torts
A Burled Downer Trots
A Burled Downer Torts
A Burled Retrod Wonts
A Burled Retrod Towns
A Burled Worsted Torn
A Burled Rotted Sworn
A Burled Trowed Snort
A Burled Drowns Torte
A Burled Drowns Otter
A Burled Drown Tortes
A Burled Drown Otters
A Burled Downs Retort
A Burled Down Retorts
A Burled Sword Rotten
A Burled Words Rotten
A Bustled Retrod Worn
A Bustled Reword Torn
A Bustled Drown Retro
A Bustled Down Terror
A Blued Drowns Retort
A Blued Drown Retorts
A Blued Sword Torrent
A Blued Words Torrent
A Blued Word Torrents
A Lubed Drowns Retort
A Lubed Drown Retorts
A Lubed Sword Torrent
A Lubed Words Torrent
A Lubed Word Torrents
A Bend Worlds Torture
A Bend World Tortures
A Bend Wouldst Terror
A Bend Wolds Torturer
A Bend Wold Torturers
A Boned Worlds Turret
A Boned World Turrets
A Browned Older Trust
A Browned Older Strut
A Browned Oldster Rut
A Browned Retold Rust
A Browned Retold Ruts
A Browned Slurred Tot
A Browned Rustled Rot
A Browned Rustled Tor
A Browned Rustled Ort
A Browned Strudel Rot
A Browned Strudel Tor
A Browned Strudel Ort
A Browned Ruled Trots
A Browned Ruled Torts
A Browned Lured Trots
A Browned Lured Torts
A Browned Retrod Lust
A Browned Retrod Slut
A Browned Rotted Slur
A Browned Old Turrets
A Browned Lord Truest
A Browned Lord Utters
A Browned Lords Utter
A Browned Sold Turret
A Browned Olds Turret
A Browned Dolts Truer
A Browned Rod Turtles
A Browned Rods Turtle
A Browned Trod Rustle
A Browned Trod Sutler
A Browned Trod Ulster
A Browned Trod Lustre
A Browned Trod Luster
A Browned Trod Result
A Browned Dot Rustler
A Buttoned Worlds Err
A Buttoned World Errs
A Burdens Retold Wort
A Burdens Retold Trow
A Burdens Dwelt Rotor
A Burdens World Torte
A Burdens World Otter
A Burdens Wold Retort
A Burdens Trod Trowel
A Burden Oldster Wort
A Burden Oldster Trow
A Burden Retold Trows
A Burden Retold Worst
A Burden Retold Worts
A Burden Dwelt Rotors
A Burden Worlds Torte
A Burden Worlds Otter
A Burden World Tortes
A Burden World Otters
A Burden Wolds Retort
A Burden Wold Retorts
A Burden Trod Trowels
A Burned Oldster Wort
A Burned Oldster Trow
A Burned Retold Trows
A Burned Retold Worst
A Burned Retold Worts
A Burned Dwelt Rotors
A Burned Worlds Torte
A Burned Worlds Otter
A Burned World Tortes
A Burned World Otters
A Burned Wolds Retort
A Burned Wold Retorts
A Burned Trod Trowels
A Bends World Torture
A Bends Wold Torturer
A Bunted Worlds Retro
A Bunted World Sorter
A Bunted World Retros
A Bunted World Resort
A Bunted World Roster
A Bunted Wolds Terror
A Bunted Wold Terrors
A Bode Trundlers Wort
A Bode Trundlers Trow
A Bode Trundler Trows
A Bode Trundler Worst
A Bode Trundler Worts
A Brooder Dwelt Turns
A Brooder Dwelt Runts
A Brooders Dwelt Turn
A Brooders Dwelt Runt
A Borrowed Lend Trust
A Borrowed Lend Strut
A Borrowed Trend Lust
A Borrowed Trend Slut
A Borrowed Turds Lent
A Borrowed Durst Lent
A Bored Trundlers Two
A Bored Trundlers Wot
A Bored Trundlers Tow
A Bored Trundler Twos
A Bored Trundler Stow
A Bored Trundler Tows
A Bored Trundler Wost
A Bored Trundles Wort
A Bored Trundles Trow
A Bored Trundle Trows
A Bored Trundle Worst
A Bored Trundle Worts
A Bored World Entrust
A Bored Drowns Turtle
A Bored Drown Turtles
A Robed Trundlers Two
A Robed Trundlers Wot
A Robed Trundlers Tow
A Robed Trundler Twos
A Robed Trundler Stow
A Robed Trundler Tows
A Robed Trundler Wost
A Robed Trundles Wort
A Robed Trundles Trow
A Robed Trundle Trows
A Robed Trundle Worst
A Robed Trundle Worts
A Robed World Entrust
A Robed Drowns Turtle
A Robed Drown Turtles
A Border Letdowns Rut
A Border Letdown Rust
A Border Letdown Ruts
A Border Trundles Two
A Border Trundles Wot
A Border Trundles Tow
A Border Trundle Twos
A Border Trundle Stow
A Border Trundle Tows
A Border Trundle Wost
A Border Rustled Town
A Border Rustled Wont
A Border Strudel Town
A Border Strudel Wont
A Border Untold Wrest
A Border Untold Strew
A Border Wouldst Tern
A Border Wouldst Rent
A Border Wold Entrust
A Border Rotund Welts
A Border Untrod Welts
A Border Downs Turtle
A Border Down Turtles
A Borders Letdown Rut
A Borders Trundle Two
A Borders Trundle Wot
A Borders Trundle Tow
A Borders Rotund Welt
A Borders Untrod Welt
A Borders Down Turtle
A Suborder Dwelt Torn
A Suborder World Nett
A Suborder World Tent
A Burrowed Lend Trots
A Burrowed Lend Torts
A Burrowed Lends Trot
A Burrowed Lends Tort
A Burrowed Trends Lot
A Burrowed Trend Lots
A Burrowed Trend Slot
A Burrowed Trend Lost
A Burrowed Lord Tents
A Burrowed Lords Nett
A Burrowed Lords Tent
A Burrowed Dolts Tern
A Burrowed Dolts Rent
A Burrowed Told Stern
A Burrowed Told Terns
A Burrowed Told Rents
A Burrowed Dolt Stern
A Burrowed Dolt Terns
A Burrowed Dolt Rents
A Debtors Trundler Ow
A Debtors Trundle Row
A Debtors World Tuner
A Debtors Wold Turner
A Debtors Wold Return
A Debtors Word Runlet
A Doubters World Tern
A Doubters World Rent
A Obtrudes World Tern
A Obtrudes World Rent
A Redoubts World Tern
A Redoubts World Rent
A Browsed Trundler To
A Browsed Trundle Rot
A Browsed Trundle Tor
A Browsed Trundle Ort
A Browsed Retold Turn
A Browsed Retold Runt
A Browsed Rutted Lorn
A Browsed Told Turner
A Browsed Told Return
A Browsed Dolt Turner
A Browsed Dolt Return
A Browsed Trod Runlet
A Debtor Trundlers Ow
A Debtor Trundler Sow
A Debtor Trundles Row
A Debtor Trundle Rows
A Debtor Slurred Town
A Debtor Slurred Wont
A Debtor Rustled Worn
A Debtor Strudel Worn
A Debtor Worlds Tuner
A Debtor World Tuners
A Debtor World Unrest
A Debtor Wolds Turner
A Debtor Wolds Return
A Debtor Wold Turners
A Debtor Wold Returns
A Debtor Drown Rustle
A Debtor Drown Sutler
A Debtor Drown Ulster
A Debtor Drown Lustre
A Debtor Drown Luster
A Debtor Drown Result
A Debtor Down Rustler
A Debtor Sword Runlet
A Debtor Words Runlet
A Debtor Word Runlets
A Redoubt Lord Strewn
A Redoubt Worlds Tern
A Redoubt Worlds Rent
A Redoubt World Stern
A Redoubt World Terns
A Redoubt World Rents
A Obtrude Lord Strewn
A Obtrude Worlds Tern
A Obtrude Worlds Rent
A Obtrude World Stern
A Obtrude World Terns
A Obtrude World Rents
A Doubter Lord Strewn
A Doubter Worlds Tern
A Doubter Worlds Rent
A Doubter World Stern
A Doubter World Terns
A Doubter World Rents
A Bodes Trundler Wort
A Bodes Trundler Trow
A Bowed Trundlers Rot
A Bowed Trundlers Tor
A Bowed Trundlers Ort
A Bowed Trundler Tors
A Bowed Trundler Rots
A Bowed Trundler Sort
A Bred Would Torrents
A Bred Rotund Trowels
A Bred Untrod Trowels
A Burred Letdowns Rot
A Burred Letdowns Tor
A Burred Letdowns Ort
A Burred Letdown Tors
A Burred Letdown Rots
A Burred Letdown Sort
A Burred Oldster Town
A Burred Oldster Wont
A Burred Retold Wonts
A Burred Retold Towns
A Burred Slotted Worn
A Burred Wolds Rotten
A Bursted Retold Worn
A Bursted Trowed Lorn
A Bursted World Toner
A Bursted World Tenor
A Bused World Torrent
A Debt Trundle Sorrow
A Butted Rewords Lorn
A Butted World Snorer
A Butted Drown Sorrel
A Debut World Snorter
A Tubed World Snorter
A Blond Turreted Rows
A Blond Redrew Tutors
A Blond Redrew Trouts
A Blond Rewords Utter
A Blond Reword Truest
A Blond Reword Utters
A Blond Worsted Truer
A Blond Dowers Turret
A Blond Drowse Turret
A Blond Dowser Turret
A Blond Dower Turrets
A Blond Rowed Turrets
A Blond Trusted Rower
A Blond Rutted Rowers
A Blond Drew Tortures
A Blond Dews Torturer
A Blond Weds Torturer
A Blond Wed Torturers
A Blond Dew Torturers
A Blond Turds Rewrote
A Blond Durst Rewrote
A Blonds Turreted Row
A Blonds Redrew Trout
A Blonds Redrew Tutor
A Blonds Reword Utter
A Blonds Trowed Truer
A Blonds Dower Turret
A Blonds Rowed Turret
A Blonds Rutted Rower
A Blonds Drew Torture
A Blonds Wed Torturer
A Blonds Dew Torturer
A Blonds Turd Rewrote
A Bold Returned Worst
A Bold Returned Worts
A Bold Turreted Sworn
A Bold Downers Turret


---------------------------- I had a craptacular, five-day weekend of work and came home in a funk last night. Even the Four Roses was sad. I slept well, though, and didn't have anything pressing this morning, so for the first time in over a year, I got on my bike and rode through Forest Park. My knees have been an issue for months, but I'm back in shape now. I will never be 100%, but I felt fine continuing my ride to University City for lunch at the U-City Grill.
It is just past noon and surprisingly, the place is empty, except for Hyo, who puts the "man" in this one-man show. He owns the place. He takes your order, he prepares and cooks your food. He puts it in front of you and he cashes you out when you are finished.
Fine with me. I'm fucking hungry. I order bibimbap with an extra egg and hot sauce and Hyo goes to work, chopping vegetables and dropping two eggs on the grill as another customer walks in and sits at the counter next to me, a couple stools down.
There are delivery truck drivers and passers by making banter with the porter from the bar next door. No piped in music at this diner but that type of street life.
The bowl of bibimbap arrives quickly and I go to work. Anyone who knows me, knows that I like to eat out of a bowl. Soups and stews, sure, but also noodles and pho and homemade concoctions featuring brown rice, seasoned veggies and eggs on a bed of spinach with lots of hot sauce. Bibimbap is my kinda dish.
I was about halfway through my fast-breaking lunch when someone trips in through the open door over my right shoulder. It is some pinhead holding a gift bag. He sits at the counter. His partner is staring into his cellphone and carrying a backpack.
"Hello", Hyo offers.
"Hi! Um, I read all the reviews of your place here!"
"Yeah, I don't know."
"You don't read them?"
"You are the owner, though?"
"What's your name?"
"Hyo. H-Y-O."
Hyo is preparing food, moving back in forth between a bowl, a pot of rice, the grill and some chopped vegetables.
"Oh, O.K. Well, I'm from LIVING SOCIAL. We do promotions for restaurants and stuff like that. Is there a better time that I could come by to talk to you when it is not lunch."
Hyo peaks down into the dainty little gift bag sitting on the counter.
"Sure, but you know we don't do any sort of online promotion. We don't even take credit cards."
"There's no computer in the store."
"Do you have a smart phone?"
"No. I am anti-technology."
"Oh, heh, well can I come by and talk to you sometime when it is not lunch?"
"All right. Have a good day!"
"You, too."
The hucksters shuffled out and a relative quiet returned. My heart is grinning.
Ninety feet off of Delmar Boulevard, a breeze blows through the door and a beer truck runs up on the sidewalk.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

CHARLES MINGUS DOESN'T LIKE IT WHEN YOU JIBBER JABBER IN THE VENUE “You, my audience, are all a bunch of poppaloppers. A bunch of tumbling weeds, tumbling ’round, running from your subconscious unconscious minds…. Minds? Minds that won’t let you stop to listen to a word of artistic meaningful truth…. So you come to me, you sit in the front row, as noisy as can be. I listen to your millions of conversations, sometimes pulling them all up together and writing a symphony. But you never hear that symphony… You haven’t been told before that you’re phonies. You’re here because jazz is popular, jazz has publicity and you like to associate yourself with this sort of thing. But it doesn’t make you a connoisseur of the art because you follow it around. You’re dilettantes of style. A blind man can go to an exhibition of Picasso and Kline and not even see what works. And comment behind dark glasses. Wow! They’re the swingingest painters ever, crazy! Well, so can you. You’ve got your dark glasses and clogged-up ears…. You become the object you came to see, and you think you’re important and digging jazz when all the time all you’re doing is digging a blind, deaf scene that has nothing to do with any kind of music at all.” Charles Mingus addressing the audience at the Five Spot in NYC.

Sunday, July 12, 2015


SOUTH OF NO NORTH...escaping the war...Charles Bukowski "He looked at me. I stared down at my feet. He seemed to be reading a sheaf of papers in front of him. It took several minutes. Four, five, six, seven minutes. Then he spoke.
"Listen, I am having a party next Wednesday night at my place. There are going to be doctors, lawyers, artists, writers, actors, all that sort. I can see that you're an intelligent man. I want you to come to my party. Will you come?"
He started writing. He wrote and he wrote and he wrote. I won­dered how he knew so much about me. I didn't know that much about myself.
I let him write on. I was indifferent. Now that I couldn't be in the war I almost wanted the war. Yet, at the same time, I was glad to be out of it. The Doctor finished writing. I felt I had fooled them. My objection to war was not that I had to kill somebody or be killed senselessly, that hardly mattered. What I objected to was to be denied the right to sit in a small room and starve and drink cheap wine and go crazy in my own way and at my own leisure. I didn't want to be awakened by some man with a bugle. I didn't want to sleep in a barracks with a bunch of healthy sex-mad foot­ball-loving overfed wise-cracking masturbating lovable frightened pink farting mother-struck modest basketball-playing American boys that I would have to be friendly with, that I would have to get drunk with on leave, that I would have to lay on my back with and listen to dozens of unfunny, obvious, dirty jokes. I didn't want their itchy blankets or their itchy uniforms or their itchy humanity. I didn't want to shit in the same place or piss in the same place or share the same whore. I didn't want to see their toenails or read their letters from home. I didn't want to watch their assholes bob­bing in front of me in close formation, I didn't want to make friends, I didn't want to make enemies, I just didn't want them or it or the thing. To kill or be killed hardly mattered."