Friday, November 21, 2008

The Diagnosis Begins

I post this not because I wrote it recently, but because I wrote it sometime ago, may have read it once or twice at a Get Born reading and have been meaning to continue on with more "symptoms".

Symptom #1

Fear wrote the book

had it published

Did promotional

Ignorance did legwork

Swallowed it

Wore for a wrap

As love flew last birdsy

Look see

Choking on life’s pesticide

Daddy likes children

Poison invites poison

Cancer throws party

all cum

Wallowing in noise

Mickey Mouse gives a reach around

see average

Going about day

Blowing leaves

Not content

that breeze

would do it

more peacefully

That will kill

Be the death of leisure.

The deconomics of introspection


confuses spirit

everyday confusion

lathers dead souls

keeps remote control sales up.

Put faith in lazy ballot system.

three-hour commute and

microwaved dinner

feed dog horse

melt together

Yummy churchstate toast!



drowned in task

dig grave, lover

Scratch at the lid

of coffin


dust into gasping lungs


There’s brilliance

a blazing inferno


gathering to see end.

Enamored with results

too lazy to ask why

Seek easy answer


Dream of brighter tomesterday

Happy sorrow yesmorrow mustard gas

Blossoms and wafts sweetly

Clickle tit

Tickle clit

Smile child

While spitting

Pay to swallow

A most fascinating subject

Still a glimmering

Hope a fuzzed-out


a muted and distorted signal

Sure answer there

Sit distracted

Eat popcorn cheese whiz

Pray first down…

capture villain…

release hostage…

prayers be heard

From damsel with nice onions

Answered in multi-vitamin

Fear evil

But promote

Swallow facsimile

Sprinkle granulated nothing

On false hope regurgitates

Building idols of illusion

scorning the


who step aside.

Asking forgiveness while

Strangling squeezing

Last bones in

white gloves clenched

whores open minds

And there are always happy endings.

Daddy likes feculence

Makes deal

Snorkels with lemmings.

Brett Lars Underwood, 2006

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Confluence City said...

This is effective and interesting. I assume the computer garbage language is a cut and paste artifact from Word? It almost kind of works.