Sunday, December 21, 2014


 Funny racism or runny fascism while
ye prisoners of hope and fall colors eat
pumpkin-spiced cold meds and mucous to avoid
neti pot death hot dogs and waitresses flying
in every direction.

Put wastoids in your gravitas.
 Load ether with lead-ladened muchmuck.
 Cough up gravy into your designer tissue.
 Oh, and Ichabod's head is off the top of the
visitor’s dugout and kagarooing up
the aisle in that horse's ass.
van hit the soybean head shoot dead boy.

 Root for the one percent in your muumuu.
Chug aluminum –bottled water and hoot.
Live it up.
 Toss lewd verses to garbage. Your days are few.
 Your wool is worthless.
Replay these days and they’ll go back
and look at it stored on yourtube or
reflected in a mirror coffin or
another threat to the environment
babbling DADA in a six-wheeled stroller.

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