Saturday, July 18, 2009

Beer blogs differ. Yep, they do.

Those of you that have seen me in action know that I like to drink beer. You might also know that I like to taste some of it. I am a quiet guesser in hope of wisdom and luck, so I dig around and listen to the others.
I'm no expert on the world of bloggery, so I don't know of a lot of the worthwhile blogs on the interwebeer.
I'd like to point out this first one, though.
Mike Sweeney has upped the intelligence level of the St. Louis beer lover.

Another St. Louis place to click for beer news is here.
Remains to be seen how they continue since Adam Jadhav left.

This is a small, but interesting collection of beer lovers

...and by gosh and golly, look at the name of this blog.

I happened along this one night while looking for a friend.

But this one is perhaps the scariest of all and is not about beer at all, now is it?

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nosey parker said...

the last one is definitely about beer. i need to put those words into song...she's pissed...good and pissed.