Monday, July 6, 2009

Only Cannibals Take Heart



Perhaps I should take heart
that you even speak to yourself
in that seldom-viewed blog
that I can't seem to find
on mornings when I search
for such nothings,
but only cannibals take heart.

Prescribe downtime and contemplation
to figure out this mess and sweep
the bunnies from their corners,
but I like their crunchiness
on the souls of my bare feet
and downtime is not about sweeping.

Were I to walk to the answer,
it would only take a month.
I would find you in a dozen faces.
I would find us in trouble again.
I could do it only to distance myself
from whatever future they say there is...
or I could do it for focus.

The capitalists say I have four days
free of extraneous cash and work
to cypher it out.

I shoot you as you shoot me,
but we don't recognize
the barbs.

Why just this morning, I thought it
was just another ache or pain.
Rolled over and groaned, nearly
breaking my schwanzstucker off
in the process.

Only then did I remember that
I was dreaming about running after
you, west on Magnolia to Kingshighway
and east to Sauget.

1 comment:

James said...

I skated out the sun atop
a coca'cola bottlecap a wake
of cane sigar foam followed people
it's like Babs begs but different it's
people who need people are just
regulars at Down the Street all
a fleet feet feat and all
open-toed and sore