Thursday, December 10, 2009


Get your car fixed

and then

crash it into your own butt.
If you don't understand,

take off your high-class dress

and masturbate while watching

or reading CRASH....or have

another lemondade and shirk responsibility.
Kill the poor.
Make wine with slave labor.
Lace dresses with little malnourished hands.
Fart in the faces of the midgets.
I'm going to watch THE DEER HUNTER

while I wait for my third pizza of the day.
Rick Ankiel sucks real good now that

his neck is bendy.

Were there a dash of hope

in bubbles

and curves

I’d be smoking different pipes

tearing the yes out of eyes

that sprout from faces such

as yours

I’d look at you with hope

in your faces

Those given me when you

take me for another that


But I’ve seen too many

and I’m not giving up

my sight

I’ll go on seeing

and that is all

you can expect of me.

Brett Lars Underwood, 2008

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