Friday, December 11, 2009

That Damn Pie

I'm not sure where I heard this one; probably on the radio as a cleaned-up version as I drifted in-and-out of sleep:

A man and his two sons walk into a diner and have a seat at an empty counter that is being cleared and wiped down by a matronly waitress of large bosom and apple-red cheeks. The boys sit on either side of the father. Soon enough the waitress looks down at the 12-year old and asks what he'd like to have. The boy sits back a little and smirks while he looks past the waitress to a display case.
"I guess I'll have a piece of that damn pie."
Immediately, the father bats the son in the back of the head with his left hand and the son goes chest down on the counter. The waitress is taken aback and gasps a bit, but recovers soon. This time she turns to the five-year old boy, leans down on her elbows and says, "How 'bout you, Little Man? What are you gonna have today?"
The little boy just shrugs and says, "I don't know, but I sure as fuck ain't gonna order any of that damn pie."

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