Monday, January 18, 2010


Please know that a member of the Quaaludes threatened me with DEATH tonight. Also a member of the Lindbergh Babies, etc...

The person in question is named Mark Reynolds. He threatened to kill me tonight again.

He has attacked me before.

I have seen him in action before and can say that he could be a dangerous person.

It is a shame. I used to consider him a friend, but there is something wrong with the man.


nosey parker said...

Hey man, you're not qualified to help the man so STAY AWAY...STAY VERY FAR AWAY!!!

either that or you should carry a blow gun with darts tipped with the poison of the poison arrow frog.

Zed Naught said...

His band The Quaaludes lost their February gig. If he wants to attack me, he should be ready to get hurt by the crowd around me.