Thursday, January 28, 2010


The saga of the stolen car and my return to being a guy who owns one car instead of two after having had none nears the end!!!
Finally got up off my ass yesterday and took it to the garage to get the inspection. All is well and it is purring like a 1999 Honda Accord with 93 thousand miles on it. A little dinged up, but it has a new black hood on it and looks pretty bad-ass. I wish I would've waited for it to show up before I bought a different car, but I like what I bought recently, a 97 Honda with a stick.
So, I have to sell the 99.
I don't like such details.

But, as I said, it will all soon be over. I've had two calls already and it has only been an hour since the ad landed on Craigslist. Why does life include such details or why do I allow them into my life? It makes me weary, but I have not lost my sense of humor. I cleaned much of the ashes and tobacco from nooks and a cranny or two. Bunches of it were in the cupholders and in the space where the ashtray and other shit would go if the car came with those "shit" accessories (or something). I haven't cleaned much ash outside of work, but these joyridin' cats got liberal with the Newports, so I had some cleaning to do.
I had just come from the YMCA where I got involved in a conversation with a stranger and Sunyatta about the crack down on smoking that is happening all over the world.
I worked out. I bicycled. I watched Bourdain and I walked on a treadmill. I thought about the movies I watched and how many cigarettes I watched get smoked in THE MECHANIC and FIGHT CLUB. I tried shooting some freethrows later and thought about the dealer that lived on the dorm floor at SLU when I was a junior. He would get out of breath from simply shooting a couple buckets. Too much pot, Ropes.
Eventually, I made it home and ate a big lunch. I got the add up on Craigslist with the pictures I took of the damaged goods. I took a couple quick phone calls and returned a couple emails and then it hit me. I had to take a nap.
This is what I wrote as soon as I woke up:

Ashtry row is endless
more fucking
ashtrays than
you can shake
a stick at
it's like volcanic
that ashtray row
that's why we hate it
It's the smoke
and the bad
smell that
we're talking
It's the apathy
and the ignorance
of the denial
of death that
we're gonna

It took less than a day after I put it up on Craigslist.
Then I found my old Toyota on GoogleMaps.

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...and since I'm learning how to use GoogleMaps, here is the alley where they found the crashed up 99 Accord. Ha!

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Strangely enough, GoogleMaps refers to it as Suburban Tracks. This location is Northwest of Kingshighway and Delmar between Cates, Cabanne, Claremont and Academy.
...but why should you care?

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