Thursday, July 14, 2011


AARON BELZ sent me an email yesterday. He included a short film: "...a Hollywood director’s cinematic interpretation of the process behind my poem “To Dream Only of Bunnies."


To dream only of bunnies
is a kind of poverty.
To dream of red flashing lights,
and that only, is also sad.

To dream of flashing red
bunnies, however; to sleep,
and by a sleep to say
we dream of red and green

rabbits flashing, among cars,
and a friend we haven't seen
in quite awhile standing
naked in their midst;

to sleep: perchance to die
in this our lonely shadow,
is basically to wake up
in a most alert way,

suddenly, and on a Sunday
afternoon, at the futon's
edge, one hand on the floor,
and to know, at last,

that one's existence
has meaning; has, not only
meaning, but importance;
has, in short, a dream

toward which to point its
prow as toward the rising sun
that, white on the horizon,
fills the water with its flashes.

Here is what Christopher J. Boghosian says about his project 7 Films, 7 Weeks:
"Eager to cultivate my craft and voice as a filmmaker, I am currently making one film per week for seven consecutive weeks. For inspiration and focus, I begin by randomly drawing a Greek personification spirit on Thursdays, then screen the film below on following Wednesdays.

As you can imagine, this project triggers my deepest fears: Am I wasting my time? Can I live up to the challenge? Will the films be any good? I’m not sure, but that’s okay, because my primary goal is to mature as a director and have some fun. The key lies in my stripped-down production approach (e.g., 1 location, 1-2 actors), which enables me to make one film per week while focusing on directorial execution and personal expression."

Week 1, July 7 – 13: Deimos

Deimos: Film 1 of 7 from Follow My Film on Vimeo.