Friday, September 23, 2011


I have been thinking a lot about the need for satire and whimsy. Wanna guess at where my mind took me?
Watch these videos and see my unfinished piece at the end, here:


Negative Nellies and Sweet Polly Purebreads,
He-Men, bullhorns, underdogs, clicking mice and fraidy cats,
Cronkites, security cams and helmets, safety goggles and empathy
true love and gravel fucks
don’t stop the wars hawks drop and
the rain of bloody injustice in the dustbeltistan
as you flip through the channels and pages
looking for the rest
of the wrestling of your mind
in the high definition specs that
fail to capture the cosmic slop.

A wedding ring and the keys to the minivan
when daddy’s taken for a goose ride
and we’re all conked out like Mr. Van Winkle
makes no nevermind to the vortex or the fish tails because
The Viet Cong didn’t watch the Waltons
and Good Times so you could buy
cheap tee shirts and the scrap metal Coca-Cola cans
from a ground zero china shop away from the bull
of Wall Street.

So flit around in the mind of Billy Pilgrim
or pretend we fed turkeys to helpless savages
and that the radios help us
consider all things in mid-commute from
cubicle to air-conditioned podcast twitter feed
facsimile of life.

Change your tires
Change your oil
Change of scenery
Change your mind
Change for a dollar
Loose change?
Sex change?

Feel better?
Well, if you weren’t full of shit,
you’d be changing your pants.

So there’s something.

If you think too much about the difference
between the damage you have done and the
frugality that you promise yourself,
remember that shrink-wrapped vegetables
and leaf-blowers ARE FUCKING RIDICULOUS!
…and so are you.


Manageable decisions and necessary delusions
at all other times.
Is it reality for you?

History confirms our banality
and destructive proclivities.
…and all the time pimpin’ is in effect.
You know what I’m sayin’
Bitch better have my money!

Take a dose of satire when needed.
Baffle the dumb-ass.
Kiss a smart-ass of your liking.

…and prepare to be chastised.

Take care of yourself.
The only real control we ever
and need
is with self…

and the self is a fallacy.

…BUT! when you can manage,
the only commandment,
according to the bag lady in the cathedral:

Too late?
Well, here’s this:
Focusing on what you don’t want
brings it to you.
So watch out!
You’re gonna die.