Thursday, August 9, 2012



Snotty sheriff, surely you
remember the sky is stingy yet
breaking water in a Montreal
spoon sticky wet stool and wasted eggs
revealing some fabulous white hexagonal tile
can’t deny cheap poutine.
Labor, sore feet and beer tits
over the desperate attempts of hair spray
in spite of this hick dynasty
attitude leave creation to
some news pipe breaks in the grass

Meanwhile a matter in the
yuppies’ “local”
tortellini sprinkled with
 mounting corpses
and a need for maggots
when all we got is flies
deep to right
to the left of a hobbling
Dominican bouncing once
on the perfectly manicured
dilemma as the peasants dial
for fascist pizza rolls
on the homeless to transition
from bifocals to safety goggles
due to inclement bukake
if I thought that there was
any chance of the turtles
overtaking the snails.